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"Idea to Production...Fast" is the central driver to all that SGAMF does

SGAMF has an extensive rapid prototyping capability. In addition to advanced CNC machining, we offer on-site 3D printing. Both the CNC and 3D printer can directly import data from a CAD solid model to the machine, eliminating errors and reducing lead time. Design iterations can be completed quickly, leading to a final component or finished product. Parts can be made in near-net-shape, allowing them to snap together or work dynamically to demonstrate operational effectiveness.


From concept to physical component in 24 hours is possible with SGAMF rapid prototyping capabilities — an important part of a suite of technologies available to support on time delivery of physical solutions for complex, need-it-right-now products.


SelectTech Rapid Prototyping Brochure:    SelectTech Rapid Prototyping Capabilities SGAMF 3D Rapid Prototyping